Thursday, January 22, 2015

Salted Caramel Square

Starbucks Salted Caramel Square. Have you had one? They are delicious. I ate one at my desk this afternoon, as I pedaled along.
With that out of the way - what a lovely day I've had! It started with a bit of training (I have a student entering data on spreadsheets - not much fun for him, but necessary for me), followed by a work meeting, then a group of us met to go over the first week of Digging Deeper: Making Manuscripts, a MOOC out of Stanford that promises to be pretty amazing.
I spent the afternoon reviewing proposals for a conference, and pedaling. Got quite a bit done on both fronts (still some reviews to do tonight, though).
Thursday, January 22:
  • 98:33 minutes
  • 25.21 miles
Over the weekend I think I'll crunch the numbers and see how my output has varied over the past couple of weeks.

See you tomorrow.

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