Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Wednesday, January 28:
  • 87:07 minutes
  • 22.21 miles
Did I mention that I increased the tension on the bike to level 4 last week? I totally did, and boy can I tell. I can't go as fast nor as far as I was at first, and I really feel it. It's great, because it feels like I'm really doing something.

In honor of HUMP DAY:


There was no snow day! The entire "blizzard" was a complete letdown, actually.

Here's the road leading down to our neighborhood trolley stop. It's pretty, but not exactly snowed under.

That said, I didn't get much pedal time in. Oh well!

Tuesday, January 27:
  • 59:49 minutes
  • 16.59 miles

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday, Monday, Manic Monday

And maybe a snow day tomorrow. Yay?

Monday, January 26:
  • 85:58 minutes
  • 21.91 miles
Not too bad, as I spent the entire afternoon (from noon on, actually) in meetings. I get to go home now!

Monday listens.


Friday, January 23, 2015

I just want to go to bed

I am so ready for the weekend, let me tell you. We are supposed to get snow, but I didn't know that and I scheduled a last-minute (and sorely-needed) dentist appointment for myself and my kid tomorrow afternoon. So we'll see how that goes.

Friday, January 23:
  • 116:37 minutes
  • 29.56 miles
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Salted Caramel Square

Starbucks Salted Caramel Square. Have you had one? They are delicious. I ate one at my desk this afternoon, as I pedaled along.
With that out of the way - what a lovely day I've had! It started with a bit of training (I have a student entering data on spreadsheets - not much fun for him, but necessary for me), followed by a work meeting, then a group of us met to go over the first week of Digging Deeper: Making Manuscripts, a MOOC out of Stanford that promises to be pretty amazing.
I spent the afternoon reviewing proposals for a conference, and pedaling. Got quite a bit done on both fronts (still some reviews to do tonight, though).
Thursday, January 22:
  • 98:33 minutes
  • 25.21 miles
Over the weekend I think I'll crunch the numbers and see how my output has varied over the past couple of weeks.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Busy Day

That's my excuse, anyway.

Wednesday, January 21:
  • 73:09 minutes
  • 19.32 miles
I don't even have a dress to blame! Just lots of meetings.

I did pedal through a conference call, however, and I don't think the folks on the other end realized what I was doing. Heh heh heh.

Until tomorrow, here's a compilation video of Commander Riker sitting down.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Or a day late, anyway.

Yesterday was busy, I had to run off to an afternoon meeting off-campus (at the swanky Union League of Philadelphia - not to be confused with the Philadelphia Union Soccer team) and I forgot to update the blog before I ran off. And even though I was in a dress all day (as the Union League has a dress code), and I left earlier than usual, I was still able to get in a good day's worth of pedaling.

Tuesday, January 20:
  • 112.20 minutes
  • 28.11 miles
Comparing this with Friday - more time, fewer miles. I pedaled a bit more slowly than I have been. I think that's fine, as long as I'm moving, that's what matters.

Off to pedal more now!

Until tomorrow... Whoopie and Ving!